Do Not Be Fearful over Atrocities Commonly Happening

I speak unto you this day and I say that this world is full of wickedness, corruption and darkness. Therefore, do not be shocked at the atrocities you will hear of in these times. However, you are not intended to live in the fear and the dread that is so common, if you keep your eyes, hearts and minds stayed upon Me. It is Me the Living God who will uplift and guide you forth by the Holy Spirit, who is present with you and in you.

Multitudes are being swept away because they are looking to the world and believing the lies of the same. Do not be assuming that everything the world broadcasts is true. The reality is that men, women, and children are liars, and the world being covered by the devil is of course full of lies. When people are being taken in by the lies of the liar, so are they overwhelmed by the power of the same.

The delusion of the damned only increases as sin is multiplied, bringing with it the curse of death. I do desire that the sinners would hear and obey the call to repentance. Yet, because of the drunkenness of their own sinful ways, they go on and on in the stupidity, the darkness, and the iniquity that shapes them into the fools they are.

You are not called to be fools. You are called to be wise by paying heed to the guiding of the Holy Spirit so that you are uplifted and brought forth by the plain path that I intend for you to walk in.

Because of the iniquity which is abounding in these days, multitudes are being hurled headlong into hell. Consider how tragic it is for souls to be burning in the fiery furnace of hell when they could have repented and lived for Me. I do not find pleasure in the death of the damned. I do find pleasure when sinners repent.

There are some who will never consider repentance, because they are, as My Son Jesus declared, of their father the devil, and their delight is in doing evil. They especially target My people and attempt to destroy them because of their citizenship in My kingdom.

These evil ones will by My wrath be destroyed, because they are choosing the iniquity of their own evil hearts. As they imagine they get by on Me, they are totally deceived, for there is none who gets by with the wickedness they indulge in day after day.

I am not mocked, and the mockers will be mocked and devastated by the very weapons of destruction with which they thought to destroy My people. Those of you who have suffered under the curse of evil doers, be aware that they will be brought down and utterly devastated, for they do not deserve anything but wrath.

Therefore, when you see My vengeance revealed, know that it is upon the evil doers who are pursuing the course wherein they will be utterly destroyed. Do not give way to false compassion but realize that I must justly punish the ones who have sought for the destruction of those who are following My Son. Realize that when I bring down the proud and haughty, it is for the preservation of the just, that they too can live and flourish in the truth.

Thank Me even this day that you are not called to destruction. You are called to be uplifted and brought forth by the pathway that I give you to walk in. It is a good thing to keep on trusting wholeheartedly in Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your God.

Do not go down under the ugliness of these times and accept the wretchedness of the times you are in. Because the enemy wants to slam you with despair, slam him back with My Word and give praise unto Me. Remember I inhabit the praises of My people. Therefore, thank Me and praise Me even this day that I am the One who has given you such mercies in this life. Do not grow weary in well doing but rather continue as a steadfast people, ever realizing that through Me the life and the strength you need are to be found.

There are many who turn back to the world because of demonic infiltration and pressure against their minds. Cover your minds with the helmet of salvation and keep up the shield of faith that you can turn back the enemies’ fiery arrows, that they fall under the poison of the same.

Remember you are in the war for souls, and as you will remain steadfast in that warfare, you will see repeatedly that there is justice to be achieved through Me. I am the source of great and enduring power, for I am the Almighty God and My power and My glory remain ever available to the ones who are reliant upon Me.

It is indeed a great privilege that you have been given: to walk in the way of the upright and partake again and again of the power that I provide. When you are truly serving and praising Me in the attitude of gratitude, you will not be defeated but you will be victorious.