Those Ashamed of God Are Stupid

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not be ashamed to declare Me as the One True God whose power and glory remain. Those who are ashamed of Me are stupid, for they are looking to be approved and accepted of men, and they are failing to realize how transitory such approval is. It is simply that when any is ashamed of Me, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, then they stop witnessing for My kingdom.

Realize how needy the world is of Me and of the salvation mercies that are available to them through My Son, Jesus. Know that when you actually look at the emptiness that grips and wrenches the lost, you will understand that there is no hope other than the way that I have provided for them.

The way that I provide is through repentance unto My Son for the sins that they are guilty of. He is the way whereby men, women, and children are freed from the penalty of their sins and given the pathway of restoration unto Me. It is indeed a blessed thing when souls are brought back into the fold and they choose to follow in the footsteps of the Son.

As any is choosing for Jesus, they are enabled to be guided by the Holy Spirit and directed in the pathway that is peace and eternal life. Therefore, it remains very important that you continue to pray over and over for the lost that their eyes, hearts and minds be opened to receive the TRUTH regarding Jesus Christ.

It has never been intended for humanity to perish in sin, yet they do, because the ones who are Mine stop proclaiming Me and neglect witnessing to the lost and dying world’s people.

I have called and chosen you to be My witnesses and to declare the TRUTH with steadfast boldness, because the evil one desires to see lives destroyed and souls damned. You are not intended to grow ashamed of Me, but you are to be intensely involved in the declaration of the call to repentance revolution.

Therefore, do not be as those who are through weariness going into the darkness of fear and refusing to be uplifted in the light and life that I provide for them. Thank Me and praise Me that as you continue to refuse, rebuke and refute the lies of the liar, you are uplifted and made glad that you are given strength.

The hypocrites speak great swelling words about Me, but they simply put on a vain show of religion, while their hearts are so far from Me. They resist and resent humility and exhibit themselves in pride. They are full of religiosity and the hypocrisy that is bred by the same.

When My Son went forth declaring their need for repentance, these ones despised Him and desired to see Him dead. They themselves were full of deceit and they loved it to be so. My Son Jesus, in seeing their utter hatred for TRUTH and the hardness of their hearts towards Me, plainly declared that they were of their father the devil. Because of their absolute darkness and iniquity, they wanted My Son dead and plotted to have Him killed. All of their evil actions against Him showed how blinded they were by the force of evil which was their covering.

Be thankful that you can follow My Son and be covered by His goodness and mercy. Indeed, you are given the joy that only comes when you are a partaker of all that I have intended. It is a good thing to walk in the way of the upright and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the TRUTH that sets you free time and again, as you keep your focus stayed upon Me.

During this time when the plagues have been released and are being released, the lost need to know the hope that I provide. Therefore, keep on in the declaration of My absolute goodness and mercy that is waiting for them when they repent. No matter what men and women do in their proud conceit, they cannot stop the plagues that I have released. The fear of death is holding multitudes in cruelty, because there is no way that governments, and scientists can stop the plagues that I have released.

When men and women in their proud imaginations think they have stopped Me, they are proven to be absolute fools full of their own folly. Be thankful that I am the One who covers you in faith, not fear, and that you are brought forth in the absolute knowledge that I am indeed the keeper of all who walk in the way of My righteousness and holiness.