Do Not Bow to the Demonic Powers that Rule Multitudes

I speak unto you this day and I would ask: Do you know how many times I have forgiven My people throughout the ages? Over and over, I have forgiven My people of their transgressions when they have repented before Me. It does not give Me pleasure when My people are guilty before Me of repeated violations, because I have not called them to such a way.

I intend that My people would keep their vows of repentance unto Me and not walk in the way of fools and transgressors. However, I have repeatedly had to rebuke My own because they do not make the choices of life that I want them to make.

I have not called My people to bow to the demonic powers that rule over the multitudes and be found bowing as do the heathen. I call My people to walk uprightly each day, knowing that it is Me that they are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing. When you see the ones who are continually under the rod of My chastisement, know that they have grieved Me in their choices and activities.

Do not lose perspective and go after that which I do not intend for you because you are among the heathen at this time. Rather, realize that it is Me who desires you to be uplifted, directed and kept in the pathway that is My life.

While the enemies rage against you, realize that I am the One who gives you abundance of mercy when you are walking in the way that I have determined, the way of life eternal. It is by the outpouring of My mercies that you find the fullness of goodness that is intended, and the abundance of the same.

Of a surety, there is no good thing that I will withhold from those who walk uprightly and do not stray from My way. Therefore, do not choose the way of transgressors, for that way is hard, it is lonely, and it is ugly. Never have I desired for you to be found in the pathways of the ungodly, the broad way with the endless enticements to sin that are available in the same. I have called you to the narrow pathway, and when you walk therein you will be protected by Me, for I will give you continual protection and guidance through the Holy Spirit, as you look to Me as your source.

Therefore, do not choose any other god, nor go in any other way. Rather, be glad that through the continual guidance and care you are given, you do not need to yield to the lust of the flesh and be overwhelmed by the same. In this wicked and perverse generation, let it be Me that you will resort to and serve each and every day.

I am the One who offers and gives to the ones who will accept the same, the straight and narrow wherein there is much to be secured in terms of eternal treasures. Know that I look for and reward the ones who are keeping their repentance and not continually straying after darkness and iniquity. Be knowing of a surety that I do not withhold My goodness from you. I will lead, guide and direct you each day, because it gives Me joy to do so.

When you see the sorrows and suffering among those who have gone a whoring, remember that they chose the same. That is, they chose to be among the wicked and to do as the evil doers, rather than do what I have intended for the upright. The choices that people make are far more important than they imagine, for to choose death over life does not end when they die. Those who choose to go in the way of sin will be punished in this life and throughout the never ending agonies of the damned.

Do not choose sin, for the pleasures of the same reap in death. Rather, choose life and know that I have never called you to be found in transgression but rather in obedience unto the instructions and orders given by the Holy Spirit.

There is found in the life on earth sorrows meted out to all. Yet, I have given My Comforter to the ones who have chosen Me. Therefore, they are not alone but are enabled to rejoice and give Me thanks, even in those things that are painful unto them. Be knowing that the more you offer unto Me the sacrifice of praise, the more I send My peace and comfort unto you. Do not choose any other god, any other way, but choose My way.

This day and every day, consider your choices. Are they according to My counsel, or are they according to the lust of the flesh? Do not choose according to the wanton lust of the flesh and the overindulgence of the same but be aware that your own carnality opposes My way. There are multitudes who give way to the lust of their flesh then are destroyed by the same.

It is very important that you remember you are not to go in any other way and end in destruction. Rather, choose continually to go in the way of salvation and be found among the upright. Do not take the precious gift you have been given and have contempt for the same. Respect My Son at all times, for His life was laid down to free you from your sins and the penalty of the same. Obey with gladness His instruction to you to walk in the way of denial of self, for to do so gives you the rewards of the victorious.

There are many who are spouting “victorious living,” yet they themselves are living in great luxury and wantonness, bound by the chains of their own carnality. The message they give and their indulgent lifestyles they live are for the promotion of the god of self rather than Me. The Son, who has given the true victory, died to His own desires to fulfill Mine. Follow Him.