Multitudes Will Not Endure the Testing and Trying of Their Faith

Woe be unto those who have forsaken Me and gone after other gods, for they have chosen delusion over truth. In so doing, they have proven themselves to be ultimate fools, and their end will be destruction. I have not called you to the folly of fools; I have called you to walk uprightly in Me and to keep on trusting, believing, and following after.

There are multitudes who would not endure the testing and trying of their faith. Instead, they rebelled and turned to the gods of the heathen, and in the same brought upon themselves the wretchedness that belongs to the damned. In fact, there are endless people who end in hell because they turned from Me and refused to continue steadfast in My way.

I do not call you to such misery as besets those who are experiencing the agonies of the damned. I call you to come forth thankful that I am the One who bears rule over you. Therefore, be realizing of a surety that there is none who is like unto Me, and that My intentions towards My people are not evil, but that I have goodness for them.

When you have been privileged to call upon Jesus, realize that it is He who died for you, and do not trample that sacrifice and turn to other gods. Rather, be seeking Him as your refuge and be coming forth in the way that is eternal life. I give to My people all that they need to continue in the journey that is before them, and I expect them to trust that I am able.

When you are assailed by enemy attacks, understand clearly that there is none who is like unto Me and that by My Spirit you will be directed and guided each day. It is true that the evil are ever plotting against the just and that their intentions are entirely wicked. However, that is the time to seek your total refuge in Me, for I am the ever present God whose mercies remain. As you express your neediness unto Me, I hear and I answer you according to what is best for you.

There are many who refuse to see My goodness in any given situation, and the consequence is, their own desolation is made evident. This is because they have quit trusting in Me as the I AM who is invincible. Be knowing of a surety that through what I do you are ever uplifted, guided, and brought forth. It is by and in obedience unto Me that you will flourish in the eternal treasures that I give out day by day.

Be aware that I am the jealous God who desires that My people do not reach out to any other god, any other way, and think they remain blessed in the same. The blessings come to those who remain faithful to Me, for I will be the One who does see their fidelity. There are many who speak great swelling words, yet they are full of deceit.

Do not be resentful when the Holy Spirit reveals to you the deceitfulness of your own carnality. Choose repentance over resentment and walk in the refreshing that is ever present to the repentant. It is Me who gives to you over and over the living waters that shall flow forth out of your inward beings as you are filled with the power of My Spirit.

Be aware that every day you must choose either to lose or to gain. If you choose resentment and rebellion, you are choosing to lose. If you choose to obey, you make great gains in Me. Each time you are in faith, you are living. Likewise, each time you are in doubt, fear, and unbelief, you are dying.

Therefore, sum it up for yourselves; is it not better to decide to stay with Me each day rather than decide for the way of deceit and damnation? Do not give way to the physical, psychological and emotional onslaughts that come at you to destroy your faith in Me. Rather, realize that there is no other god who gives to you the way that is eternal life.

Believe in Me, for you will see My wrath upon those who are My enemies, and I will destroy them, and they will reap what they have sown. I do indeed, over and over, to vindicate the ones who are walking in righteousness and fidelity towards Me. Be glad even today that you do not need to drink the cup of misery, suffering and woe., because you can drink of My cup with much appreciation and thanksgiving, for through Me you are given mercy.

The love that I have for you surpasses the love of humans and it is with you at all times. It is our intention that you would pass the testing of your faith and come forth as pure in your intentions for the higher life.

Therefore, this day continue, continue, continue, for the victory is yours and you will be shown the victorious way again and again. Walk in the same with the attitude of gratitude and know that I am ever present to deliver, to uplift, and to give you honor as you honor Me as the One True God you serve.