Humility Before God Makes for Quick Repentance

I speak to you this day and I say: Be ever humble before Me, whereby you are able to repent quickly. It is very essential that you refuse the ugly essence of pride and continue in the way of humility whereby you are repentant unto Me. The deadliness of pride is evident in these times, as multitudes refuse to repent and are defiant of Me. Because of their stubbornness to bend the knee, they suffer the repercussions of the same.

However, those who remain in the mind of humility are able to bend the knee and repent quickly unto Me as their Maker. When a people are practicing the humility lifestyle, then they are made glad and able to rejoice each day because it is Me that they are serving. They will be enabled to see the plot of wicked spirits to devour and destroy multitudes through pride. This is because My Spirit will speak to them and guide them away from the plots of wickedness that have been set up to devour them.

Be thankful that you can humble yourselves unto Me as the One who bears rule over you. While I am calling for the nations to repent and return to Me, look at the refusal that is manifest as they refuse to humble themselves unto Me as the Living God. In this time when I am bringing My wrath, fury and indignation upon the sinful, the nations have hardened their hearts against Me.

Instead of humbling themselves, the leaders of nations only lead the people in the way of destruction, because they do not direct the people into repentance, nor will they repent themselves. The consequence of pride is made obvious, because souls are perishing by the multitudes and being taken into the wretchedness of separation from Me.

I offer the way of humility, which keeps people in the framework of repentance, and in the same they are kept in the hours when I am bringing down the proud. As you see the manifestations of My anger with all nations, keep on in the humility way that you are not punished with the proud and defiant who are choosing abomination rather than salvation. Thank Me that I have given to you all that you need to be ever uplifted, guided, and directed in the way of life. Do not be ashamed to declare Me as the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, the One who is the way of life eternal.

Even in the beginning, I created My people to remain in fellowship with Me. However, because of pride, they were taken in the pathway of death by accepting the input of the serpent into their hearts and minds. You are not intended to follow serpentine suggestions and commands. As My people, you are intended to listen to and obey the commands of My Spirit that are given to you, that you can be made alive and ever enabled to flourish in Me as the One who loves you.

Do not forget that My first choice is for all to be redeemed. It is they who choose against Me and go in the way of the damned. Be ever declaring the truth to others that the only escape from the demons of death is through the safety that is found in repentance unto and obedience to My Son, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, do not be ashamed to declare and to live for Him each and every day, for in such a humility way you are able to walk in life. Look at the condition of the world at this time, then see how ugly and destructive pride really is. When My Spirit shows you pride in yourselves, do not resist repentance. Instead, repent and return to the way of humility I have ordained. Over and over, you will find that I am near to you and will be ever present for you as you walk humbly with Me.

In the world of pride, everyone is right in their own eyes, and the result is massive confusion and devastation. How tragic it really is to see the abominations of pride and the destruction of those who are refusing to humble themselves unto Me and come forth rejoicing. Be glad every day that I do bring you forth by a plain path and direct your steps in the way that I have intended. Your lives are Mine, meant to be used for My purposes, and are by the same counted as the worthy sacrifice well pleasing unto Me.