Do Not Listen to the Liar and Become His Prey

I speak to you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who gives My life unto those who obey, for in the obedience My life remains. However, those who choose the idolatry of themselves are choosing death, because their hearts are hard towards Me.

Over and over, I have seen the selfishness of My people in their violations of Me as their Maker. They seek only for what they want, when they want it, and the same takes them afar off from the truth. Then they fall deeper and deeper in the sins that do so easily beset and devour all who walk in the counsel of their own minds.

The enemy is always looking for the ones who will yield to his accusatory remarks about Me, and those ones He devours because they are easy prey. You are not called to be the prey of the evil one. You are called to walk in the goodness of who I am, able to be uplifted continually in the newness of life. When you see that I judge the wicked, do not live in false compassion towards them, for they receive exactly what they deserve.

Sad to say that many of My people are taken up in false compassion towards transgressors, and the result is that they become contaminated. You are not meant to be contaminated. You are meant to be clean as My vessels and you are intended to walk uprightly. Therefore, in this wayward and perverse generation do not be hasty to seek for other gods, other masters, for to do so is spiritual adultery.

There is no other god who is Almighty as I am, for the gods of this world are demonically inspired and the end of those who follow them is destruction. I do not call you to destruction. I call you to eternal life and the future of living in My eternal kingdom. Therefore, be thankful for the privilege that I give you day by day. Know of a surety that there are many false gods that deceive and destroy the foolish who partake of their lies.

Rejoice that you can be far above such fools as you choose the truth and come forth in the way that is My righteousness, knowing that I am the One who sees the enemy tactics and warns you of the same. Thank Me and praise Me each day that it is Me that you serve.