Do Not Be in Fellowship with Fools

I speak unto you this day and I say clearly: Do not be in fellowship with those who are fools, for their foolishness will fall upon you and you will not be able to stand against the same. The foolish actually love their foolery because it gives them the delusion that they are doing what they want, and no one can tell them what to do. However, because they are fools, they are blinded and are dull and dumb.

If you stop and consider the current covering over the nation, the same is evidenced. No one is going to tell the current leadership what to do, because of the covering of pride and contempt that is resident among them. I do not find pleasure in such audacity and abomination as they operate in. When people are vainly puffed up and imagine that they are far superior to others, they are reflecting just how insane they are.

Be aware that when any person is found continually in the fellowship with fools, they will come under the influence of the same. They will not be able to think clearly because they are involved with those who are sure that they are right when in reality they are not. When anyone is drunk on pride, they are just as deluded as the person drunk on alcohol, for pride is deceitful and will lead many into the course of their own destruction and damnation.

Be aware that I can, and I do make the way for you, and you can follow the directives and instructions of My Spirit and be kept in the safety and security that are found in obedience. When people are determined to oppose the Holy Spirit and ever resisting the commands of the same, they will be led about by demon spirits that are roaming continually, seeking for fools. The reason that fools are easy prey for demon powers is because they do not want to receive sound instruction nor wise counsel.

The more that you will obey the Holy Spirit, the wiser you will become, and the wisdom that you will receive will cause you to be uplifted above the absolute madness that is evident on every hand. I do not intend for My people to be in fellowship even in their minds with the deranged fools who rule in these times. These fools are literally possessed by demon forces, and because of that possession they are driven to their own destruction and damnation. Pride proves to be the prison house which keeps them in captivity, and they are unable to humble themselves even when they want to.

Consider it is an ugly thing to be found in the prison house of pride and unable to admit and confess one’s failures and faults. There are endless multitudes who are in hell and under the everlasting torments and agonies of their own proud choices that put them in damnation. That means essentially that they are continually kept in agonies of seeing the opportunities they were given to make amends by humbling themselves. Yet, they were constantly refusing to humble themselves when they had the chance to do so because of the strong bars of their own pride.

I have brought down and utterly destroyed peoples, tribes, and nations because of their pride and their refusal to turn from the wickedness they put themselves in as they were motivated by demons. I do not want you to be motivated by demons; I want you to be motivated by My Spirit and ever led forth in a plain path. Be thankful that it is Me that you are serving and that you can humble yourselves when My Spirit reveals pride in yourselves. I have given you My Spirit that you will learn to discern between good and evil. I do not want your relationship with Me to be broken down by connecting with the deluded, conceited, demon-controlled fools who are seeking only for their own ways.

Absolutely do not be seeking for your own way and come out from under the covering of My Spirit. In these times, those who are claiming to be My people are meant to remain ever present with Me and not be found deviating and being gravitated to demonic control. It is important that you remain faithful and true in your commitment to Me as the One who you are meant to serve with all of your strength and all of your love.

Those who are pouring themselves out to other lovers, other gods, are a grief to Me because they are playing the whore and proving themselves to be unfaithful to Me as their first love. Do not think or imagine that I want you to be among such ones, because they will prove to be an ungodly influence over you. The actions of many who claim that it is Me that they love do not prove that they love Me. Instead, they are loving the world and proving to be caught up in the insanity of the world’s ways.

I do not want My people to be enthralled with the enchantments of demons, for the same will prove to be destructive to them. As My united believers, seek to be in fellowship with those who are living in righteousness rather than wickedness. To be in fellowship with fools is to be in the company of the ones who are choosing the destination of damnation rather than salvation through Jesus Christ, My Son.

As those who are making profession to be My people, be aware that you are meant to keep your vision and your hearts steady with Me. You are not intended to look at the world, act like the world, or desire the dainties of the world, for the same will devour you. You are not saved to be devoured by demon; you are saved to serve Me and proclaim My kingdom and walk in the wisdom that I give to you. As you listen to and obey the commands of My Spirit, you will be given godly wisdom to live by.